A Birth Mom’s Story: A Friend Who Sticks Close

Julie* called Birthmothers and was matched with Shirley.* Together, they explored options including making an adoption plan for her baby. Initially, Julie seemed empowered with the realization that she might be able to offer a good life to her child by placing him or her in the embrace of an adoptive family. Shirley assured Julie of her value in God’s eyes and, for the first time, Julie heard about God’s offer of forgiveness through Christ.

Nine days after Shirley had become her Birthmother Friend, 30-year-old Julie had her sixth abortion since age 18.

As a young teenager, Julie was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and had since ridden a roller coaster of treatments and side effects. Off and on, she abandoned her medication to numb the pain with alcohol and illegal drugs. Julie felt her family had tired of her condition, and she no longer wished to burden them with her troubles. She fled to the arms of men to feel loved, but each relationship eventually floundered. She felt utterly alone.

With gentle and loving persistence, Shirley left messages for Julie. Six days after the abortion, Julie called back.  She accepted Shirley’s offer to stay in contact and remain friends, and asked for help in dealing with her swirl of confused emotions. Shirley helped Julie make an appointment with a post-abortion counselor. She recognized she needed help in dealing with post-abortion guilt, anger, relief, sadness, fear, self-disgust, and symptoms such as recurring nightmares and post-traumatic stress disorder.

A few months after her healing had begun, Julie decided to reinitiate her relationship with her father, and even relocated to another state to be near him. When everyone and everything was falling away, Shirley stayed in touch with Julie to demonstrate the love of “a Friend, who sticks closer than a brother or sister” (Proverbs 18:24).

*name changed for confidentiality

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