A Birth Mom’s Story: Fear Is Overcome With Love

By Louise Walters,* Birthmothers Friend

Dora* called the Birthmothers help line. She was pregnant, and her boyfriend Dan* was no more willing to support her than he’d been with their first child nine years ago. I was matched with Dora right away.

coupleonbeachDora wanted to parent her child with the same love and joy that her adoptive family gave her, but she was overwhelmed with fear and despair. Together, we sought the resources she needed to give life to her baby. She was amazed to see God providing for her every need.

I prayed that she would come to know the peace of God in a new and incredible way. Dora began to seek God’s forgiveness. She started submitting her concerns to him. And her love for the Lord began to grow alongside her love for her unborn child.

One of the most beautiful experiences of my life was being with Dora in the delivery room when Joe* was born! What a blessing to witness this new life! Members of my church supported Dora by collecting a crib, baby clothes, blankets, diapers and supplies. And they prayed for her.

Miraculously, God worked in Dan’s heart, too. He and Dora were eventually married. Recently, baby Joe was baptized. His life is a testimony of God’s grace and care.

I praise the Lord for allowing me to see Him bring Dora from darkness into light, and for turning her fear into joy.

*name changed for confidentiality

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