A Birth Mom’s Story: Could I Consider Abortion?

Rosa* worked as a housekeeper, but had recently lost her job when she discovered she was pregnant. Her two other birth children are being raised by relatives in Honduras. 

Birthmothers:  How did you find out you were pregnant?
Rosa: I missed a period and was nervous, so I went to the Rockville Pregnancy Care Center and took a pregnancy test. 

Birthmothers: What happened next?
Rosa: When the test came back positive, I was afraid.  I wasn’t prepared and I panicked. The first thing I thought was, “I’ll have an abortion.”

ultrasound.jpgBirthmothers: How did you get connected with your Birthmothers Friend?
Rosa: The pregnancy care center staff were very kind. They encouraged me to have an ultrasound, but the next available appointment was at a different center and I didn’t have a ride.  Mary, a staff member in Rockville, called Birthmothers to connect me with a Friend.  That’s how I met Annette.

Birthmothers: Describe what happened when Annette took you to your ultrasound appointment.
Rosa: I became very emotional when I saw that there is a life growing inside of me.  After this, how could I consider abortion anymore? This baby could be a blessing in my life and if I decided to make an adoption plan, the baby could be a blessing in another family’s life.

Birthmothers: Tell us what it means to have a Birthmothers Friend during this time.
Rosa: It’s a relief – I’m so glad I have Annette.  She gives me the support I need and she’s someone I can talk to and confide in.  Now I can see the options that are available to me.  I’m now seriously considering adoption. Instead of thinking about abortion, I have hope.

*name changed for confidentiality


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